Freitag, 7. Mai 2010

"The Little One" goes into fashion

O well, this week I explored embroidering T-Shirts again. Actually, it is much more fun to embroider flat fabric instead of something 3D; all those tedious fumbling under the pressr foot^^. Especially while sewing the flowerbud; it's quite a narrow circle, mind you. But since I can't make up my mind to sew the whole T-Shirt and embroider beforehand...I guess I have to keep up with it (the bulg under the sewing machine, that is...).
And anyway, I love the result! The little one looks really cute on clothes.
As you can see I also experimented stamping - or more correct - stenceling my own size-tags. That was quite fun and they look really marvellous; but, as I looked at the photograph of the finished T-Shirt; it might be a little bit...ah...noticeable?
Mhm, I suppose it's ok when somebody is wearing the Shirt though.


  1. Great work!!! Maybe give the Alexanderplatz a try too? Tourists are gonna love it!

  2. Ich freu mich, dass Du mein Halsband in Deinen Blog aufgenommen hast. Das Webband ist so schick uns lässt sich super verarbeiten. Eine offizielle Seite habe ich noch nicht (ist aber in Arbeit), aber wenn jemand ein solches Halsband möchte, kann er sich über meine private Homepage mit mir in Verbindung setzen.


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